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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is APKadmin.com?

    APKadmin.com is mobile (APK and similar) files sharing service. You can easy upload and share your own mobile files and get reward from downloads.

  • Why should I use APKadmin.com?

    APKadmin.com is powerful, unlimited and absolutely free APK files hosting and sharing service. Without file locks and with clean advertisements.

  • How much disk space I have and when files is deleted?

    You have unlimited disk space for mobile files. Also, we never remove uploaded files, even they are not active long time. APKadmin is safe place for your files.
    Attention: Please follow our rules and TOS Any other files than APK (and similar) will be removed and users who uploaded it can be banned. Do not upload videos, images and similar files.

  • Do you have any other limits for files download/upload?

    No, everything is unlimited: disk space, downloads count, download speed* and etc. We do not have waiting time to next download.
    Download speed is not limited from our side, but can be much reasons why you can get your internet maximum (high load, peak time, network failures and etc.)

  • How to delete a file I uploaded?

    To delete a file you uploaded you must use Delete Link that was provided to you after the upload proccess.

  • I still have questions, what should I do?

    If you still have questions regarding our services don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form
    or directly

Our Features

We are file sharing service for mobile files: APK and similar files. Easily upload your APK files, share it and earn money.
Unlimited disk space. No deletion time. Unlimited downloads. Unlimited speed.

Unlimited disk space

We do not limit disk space for APK and other mobile files. You can storage as much as you want for free. We do not remove inactive (without downloads) files, your files will be always safe.
Do not upload copyrighted files, all files with copyrights will be removed.

Share your APK files with everyone

Apkadmin.com is APK files sharing service. With our powerful network your files will be always reachable.

Fast downloading

All downloaders receive high speed from any place. Our servers is located in multiple locations around the world.

Instant availability

We know that our users wants to download files instantly, this is why we do not ask to wait before & next download.

Earn money

Everyone who sharing APK files can earn money without investments. Share your APK files and earn money from downloads.

Unlimited downloads

We do not limit how much times any user can download files: everyone can download as much as they need for free and without restrictions.